june 2017 Virtual Foster

Freedom Angels

​-Ashley Johnson

~Doug Knight
​~Sommer Ireland
​~Lynne Byford 
​~Behalf of Geoff and Caroline Hal (Christmas Present)
​​~Happy Birthday Andrée Letourneau
​~Donna Gardner

-Bruce and Jennifer Mackie
-Lawrence Dalle Vedove
-Donna Gardner

~Donna Gardner

February 2017 Virtual Foster

may 2017 Virtual Foster


Donated in memory of my aunts rescue girl who passed away

The in memory donation was made by: Karen Schultz


~Doug Knight
​~Sommer Ireland
​~Lynne Byford 
​~Donna Gardner
​~Amanda Bent


Donated in memory of Tarot <3

The in memory donation was made by: Heather Burns

Freedom Hero's

Bubba never knew any other home. He was brought into a very warm and caring home at the age of about 6 weeks and thrived. He had a beautiful personality and was just so loving.

The in memory donation was made by: Irwin and Sandy Cole

~Doug Knight
​~Sommer Ireland
​~Lynne Byford 
​~~Behalf of Geoff and Caroline Hal (Christmas Present)
​~Donna Gardner
​~Amanda Bent


Donated in memory of my fur baby Ardee you passed away on Dec 7/16.

The in memory donation was made by: Patricia Yates

April 2017 Virtual Foster

~Doug Knight
~Sommer Ireland
​~ In Honour of Shelby McCulligh 
​~Lynne Byford 
​~Behalf of Geoff and Caroline Hal (Christmas Present)
​~Happy Birthday Andrée Letourneau

January 2017 Virtual Foster

~Eric Burt

july 2017 Virtual Foster


~Eric Burt

march 2017 Virtual Foster



Do you want to foster a dog but something is holding you back? 

  • No time or space?  
  • Your husband or wife are at their dog limit? 
  • You have allergies but are still a big dog lover? 

We have the perfect solution for you! Become a Freedom Dog Rescue “Virtual Foster”! 

A Virtual Foster Parent provides monthly funds to help purchase supplies, get proper and timely veterinary care, special training or tools for rehabilitation, and transportation for our foster dogs. Your donation will go a long way in making sure a needy and deserving foster dog is well cared for, as well as  enjoying the foster experience of saving a dog’s life and bringing joy to the family who adopts that dog!

​Monthly Options:
​1 month of “Virtual” Fostering $25.00 (Tax Receipt provided)
​5 months of “Virtual” Fostering $100.00 (Tax Receipt provided)
One-time donations: 
​Freedom Hero:  $250.00 (Tax Receipt provided)
Freedom Angel: $500.00 (Tax Receipt provided)

​How to become a Freedom Dog Rescue Virtual Foster? 

PayPal: You can easily set up a monthly Virtual Fostering Sponsorship via PayPal to the email address freedomdogfinance@gmail.com. Freedom will be able to direct the funds to a foster in need.  You can even set it up as a recurring payment and you can choose the current foster that you would like to sponsor.  

E-mail Money Transfer or Interact e-Transfer:
Login to your online banking and follow the instructions provided (usually found under Transfers). Our account is freedomdogfinance@gmail.com, but remember to send us the password. 

Certified Cheque or Money Order:
In the name of Freedom Dog Rescue and these can be mailed to 1285 Calypso Road, Casselman, ON, K0A 1M0.  

All Virtual Fostering sponsorship funds go directly to the dogs and we will send you a photo of one of the current dogs being helped by your generosity, so please be sure to include your address!  With your permission, we will also acknowledge you as a Virtual Foster on our website.


If virtual fostering is not for you any other amount of a monetary donation is greatly appreciated.   

We are also always in need of:

~Dog Food
~Treats and Bones
~Easy Walks
~Dog Beds
~Dog Shampoo
~Canadian Tire Money 

~Pee Pads
~Puppy Formula
​~Dog Toys