Attention Business' and Universities!
Did you know that we offer mental health doggie cuddle days as FUN-raisers?

What is a Mental Health Doggie Cuddle Day?
This is a day we bring some of our sweetest adoptable dogs and palliatives to your place of work or educational institution for cuddles and love.

Most business charge a small fee to the employees to raise funds for Freedom. So far we have had the pleasure of visiting TD Bank, Ottawa U and a Brownies Meeting.

Interacting with affectionate dogs can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, lower blood-pressure and even decrease the perception of pain. Based on these benefits, many universities and companies have introduced Doggy De-stress sessions on location.
These petting sessions also offer students and staff who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the opportunity to increase socialization through interaction with dogs, volunteers and others in a relaxing setting.

If you would like to learn more or book your own Mental Health Doggie Cuddle Day. Please email us at

Mental Health Doggie Cuddle Days

February 2020

March 2020

Join us for the sweetest day of the year!


National Cupcake Day is the most delicious way to show your support for animals in need of your help!

Register today (it’s free!) and start planning your Cupcake Day party. Simply supply some delicious treats, and then invite co-workers, friends and family to attend in exchange for a donation to Freedom Dog Rescue.

Help Freedom and make everyone’s day a little brighter with a scrumptious treat. What could be sweeter?

​Do you love to walk or run? Help raise money for Freedom Dog Rescue​ while you do.  Go to, download the app and start walking!


Looking for ways to support us?  Meet Adoptables? Get some photos of your furbaby?

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