​​Foster Team

​​​​Natasha McMahon 

Palliative Program Director 

Ever a philanthropist and cynophile, Natasha has loved every aspect of rescue. Natasha loves finding adoptable dogs the perfect furever homes, healing medical hold pups back to health, and providing palliative dogs the love they so deserve in their final days. In her free time, you can find Natasha running the Instagram page, foster coordinating, taking college courses, forcing Freedom Storm and the rest of her family to snuggle her, and procrastinating planning her wedding. Somewhere along in her rescue life, Natasha lost her mind but found her soul.

Patrick Morin

Foster Director
Having grown up with dogs, he is enjoying helping others reach their potential as he works closely with fosters and coordinators ensuring the dogs are in the best foster homes. Pat can’t resist seeing the dogs coming out of the crates at the airport on arrival dates. He falls fast for his husky/shepard dogs, buildings crazy toys and structures for both his own dogs and the foster dogs.

Social Media Team

~ Pat Morin - Foster Director 
​~ Rock Ladouceur - Foster Coordinator (West End)
~ Pat Morin & Michael Morin - Foster Coordinators (Far West End)

~ Danna Cross - Foster Coordinator (Far East End)
~ Marielle Brunet-Loguisto - Foster Coordinator (Rockland)
~ Natasha McMahon - Foster Coordinator (South Ottawa/West)
~ Meagan Wiersema - Foster Coordinator (Central Ottawa)

​~ Deb Blair- Foster Coordinator (Orleans and surrounding areas)

~ Rachel Klein - Foster Coordinator (Barrhaven)

Sissi Meng

Board Treasurer/CPA, CA
Sissi spent the earlier parts of her professional career auditing/ working/ volunteering with various non-for-profit entities from the finance perspective and have sat on other non-profit organizations locally as Board Treasurer.  She has also fostered, foster coordinated and worked with many dogs in the rescue with the vision of making Freedom happen one pup at a time. Her fur babies are all Freedom alumni.

~ Brigitte Larsen - Intake Director
~ Rock Ladouceur - International Intake Coordinator

David Harding 

Secretary/PR Director/Co-Founder
David has spent over 30 years in the local high tech industry but his off hours are dedicated to dog rescue. On his hobby farm he herds sheep but in board meetings he herds other directors into staying on topic :-)

~ Irene Harding - Vetting Director

~ Cathy Larocque - Vetting Coordinator

Irene Harding 

Vetting Director/Co-Founder/Vice President

Irene began her journey in the rescue world after adopting

a dog rescued from a puppy mill. From there fostering a dozen more and adopting two more rescued babies.

She is actively involved in all aspects of the rescue but focuses
​ her energy on organizing vetting.

Michael Rowland

Fundraising Director
Michael has always loved big dogs! Rotties are her number one! Michael would bring her dogs just about anywhere if she could and for her foster dogs who get to go to work with her, she basically does. Michael enjoys the reward of having to gain the trust of dogs and watching as they learn to be a happy, worry free dog who knows they are safe and loved.

​​​​Brigitte Larsen 

Intake Director/ Co-Founder/President

Brigitte enjoys all aspects of the rescue world.
As a avid dog lover and owner of 4 gorgeous fur babies 

there is nothing more important

then helping others find their furever homes.

Vetting Team

~ Shanna Harding (Adoption)
~ Micheal Rowland-Morin (Fundraising/Events)
​~ Sissi Meng (Donations)

~ Natasha McMahon (Instagram/Palliative)

Shanna Harding  

Adoption Director/Co-Founder

​When not striving to find a perfect match for all our adoptables

Shanna likes to spend her free time with her three dogs and

two cats and occasionally a foster dog as well. 

She's been around animals her entire life and loves all 

aspects of training, care, and responsible animal ownership.

Intake Team