Lucky Lady is an 8 year old  Australian Cattle dog x

Lucky Lady came from North Carolina where she survived the hurricane, then moved from Buffalo to the Welland SPCA in Canada. She was almost adopted when they discovered her belly was full of fluid... maybe cancer, or an enlarged heart. They looked for someone to take her in as a palliative, and found Freedom. Lucky Lady is so full of life, you wouldn’t know there’s anything wrong with her if it weren’t for her swollen belly. She had surgery recently, and we now know she has a very bad case of liver fibrosis. She’s on medication and special diet to keep her condition under control. Lucky Lady is really “Lucky”. Not only is she a hurricane survivor, but she has also pulled off multiple medical plot twists... and now she's REALLY enjoying life, and being spoiled rotten.

Freedom Dog Rescue has a Palliative Care Program where older or medically fragile dogs are welcomed into care where they live and be loved in their final days. 

In care, these dogs get groomed, vetted, and get to complete their bucket lists with the help of their foster family and sponsors like you.

Sponsorship is so important to our palliative care program because the health and safety of these dogs is our number one priority. We incur monthly bills from veterinary care, dentistry, dietary needs, medicine, and supplies such as diapers, pee pads, and so on. One time donations can also go directly to offsetting these ever-mounting costs. 

Sponsors to our program have to opportunity to meet the dogs in care to see first hand how they are helping. Sponsors also receive photos, updates, and, our endless gratitude for the heroic work they are contributing to. Charity tax receipts are also available to anyone who contributes $25 or more in the year.

Thank you for your generous love and support. Together we can continue to save dogs who would otherwise be left behind and potentially euthanized before their time.  If you have any questions about our palliative program, would like to make a one-time donation, or would like to become a monthly sponsor (of any dollar amount), please email

Cody is an 11 year old Coonhoud

Cody came to us when his previous owner had passed away. He is a twelve year old hound, and is a calm, friendly, cuddly fellow. Once you take him outside, this senior has a surprising amount of energy! He loves walking to the park and the beach, and making friends with other dogs there. Cody is being fostered by Alex, and has quickly become Alex's new best friend. Cody follows Alex around the house and often asks for pats with a gentle tap of his paw. He is a really charming and loveable dog, even if he does like to hog the bed [😉]

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At Rainbow Bridge

Sammy is a young at heart 12yr. old Pomeranian mix.
When he came into care he was timid but was craving love and attention.
It didn't take long for him to make himself right at home and fit in well with all the other dogs and cats.
Sammy loves his walks, cuddle on the couch, the odd treat and play with his brother dog, Moe.
Although he is a senior he looks as young as 5yrs. A true love bug  [💜]

​Storm is a Swiss Mountain Dog (Palliative)

Storm came to Freedom when she was 4 months old from the pound in Quebec where she was surrendered. We were contacted because Storm needed to be rushed to emergency. She was having continuous seizures and they thought she had a broken spine or pelvis issues. We rushed straight to pick her up to get her to VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Hospital where she saw a neurologist (Dr Anne Chauvet). Storm was admitted to the hospital because no-one was sure that she would make it. Not only was something going on neurologically, her back end didn’t work and they realized she had a bad heart.

She had tests and treatments done: spinal tap- which confirmed she had meningitis, eosinophilis lab work - negative, heart work tests ammonia - negative

suspect meningitis, eosinophilic mixed pleocystosis - protozoal, tick borne, parasitic, allergic
cardiac disease/murmur 5/6
Prognosis: this could be due to viral, fungal, guarded for now although we have some control of the seizures now. 

That was what was said at the hospital. Fast forward and Storm had been seizure free for over a year, is running around and acting like a puppy and her sight is back.


Thank you to our sponsors:
Nadine Arena
Cathy Mandzuk
Sophie & Alejandro Cerrato
Ratna Chintala
Sherin Boovariwala
Chloe Allaham
​Trish Forrest
Denise Laviolette
​Caroline Beauregard


Goose is a 9 year old Yorkie x 

Goose was found as a stray in Quebec before ending up at the SPCA. We were then contacted to give him a retirement home. Little Goose has a growing mass on his head that we have to get checked. Welcome to your Retirement life Goose.