What is Flights for Hope?

Flights For Hope Community Group was created to raise flight funds for rescues taking in dogs from remote areas (reserves) or dogs that need transport out of province due to BSL. Raised funds are sent directly to the rescue organizing the flight.

What is Norway House Animal Rescue?

(Working in alliance, sharing knowledge of animal care to northern communities to empower individuals to take charge of their communities health and safety thru animal care responsible pet ownership. Raise awareness and funds for Northern Manitoba Dog Contraceptive Implant program and research on the northern dog lifespan, supplies, food, and flights for Strays Dogs and the occasional Cat.! Our Goals include: forming alliances with communities, its volunteers, training, mentoring, coaching and supporting on animal care and responsible pet ownership. Identifying animals in need, providing food and supplies as well as medical training and triage’ raising awareness the dog overpopulation issues, to assist northern community members in times of need, fly, feed, and supply fosters in Northern communities with the help they need.  providing support and Birth Control solutions for Dogs in remote Northern Communities

Rescuing Manitoba Dogs

What is 12 days of Thanksgiving around the world?

This facebook group is run by Anna GH.
Anna opened the group to hold mini-auctions. This group started because of her desire to re-home some of our much loved belongings.Thanks to a wonderful group of people who bid, cross-posted, and donated items she raised alot of money to support animals and people in need. As importantly, many new friendships were formed and strengthened, inspiring lovely acts of kindness. For example, Around the World from A to Z featured things that Peter or I had bought or been given from different places. Winning bidders chose to which non-profit/charity the funds were donated from a short list. 
Anna and Karen raise money in some of these auctions to help pay for vetting for Norway house furbabies.

What is Sash-Mar Paws?

Sash-Mar Paws is the facebook account of Sasha & Marley ... two rescue pups belonging to Karen George. Both are rescues from First Nations Reserves. Sash-Mar Paws is the go-between for Norway House Animal Rescue and the 2 local Ottawa rescues taking in the dogs (I am Alive Dog Rescue and Freedom Dog Rescue). Karen helps fundraise to pay for vetting and flight fees for the Northern dogs to come to Ottawa. Karen also helps book the flights with flight parents.
​Flight parents are also needed.

Freedom has partnered up with an amazing group of people to help the Manitoba stray dog population.

~Rescue in Winnipeg:Norway House Animal Rescue
~Fundraising Initiatives(Vetting/Flights): Sash-Mar Paws
~Partner Rescue:Forever Homes Rescue in Quebec
~Flight Sponsoring: Flights for Hope
​~Fundraising Initiatives: 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Around the World From A-Z